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Advice and recommendations

To parents


  • Please be sure to arrive ahead of time at the meeting point given to you on your lesson card. You must have your card with you during the lessons, even for private lessons. 
  • If you choose a package with ski lifts, your magnetic card must be placed in the left pocket of your jacket. It is easier to scan it this way at each ski lift. 
  • Participation in a course does not exclude a certain degree of autonomy on the part of the student and does not place him or her in the close dependence of the instructor for the performance of the requested exercise. The student must therefore personally ensure his or her own safety.


  • Children must come already equipped to the lessons (skis, shoes, helmet) and the equipment is not included, please be sure to have it beforehand. 
  • No ski polls for lessons up to "1ère étoile".
  • If your child needs to go on the slopes, please be sure to have a ski pass for him or her.
  • "For everyone's comfort, don't forget to mark your child's belongings and ski equipment. To do this, our partner Pepahart gives you a 15% discount on its ski pack. Go to www.pepahart.eu/matribu // login: ESF-LABRESSE // promo code -15%: ESF-LABRESSE."


  • The ESF management reserves the right to modify the programmes and schedules during the season.
  • Atmospheric conditions and ski lift breakdowns cannot be attributed to the instructors.
  • The actual time of the courses may be reduced for reasons beyond our control. No refund is made.
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