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Nordic Area - Biathlon

Our instructors are here to introduce you to or improve you in cross-country skiing. We have 2 types of cross_country skiing: classic and skating.

CLASSIC: The skis used are long and narrow. They do not have metal edges; their soles are waxed for retention or, if not, equipped with scales as part of a tourism-leisure practice.
This traditional so-called classic technique consists of moving forward in 2 parallel tracks. It is also called the alternative step technique, because the glide is done from one foot to the other.

SKATING: The skating step also called by its English name "skating" is practiced with slick sole skis, without wax of retention, to glide as well as possible on all their length.
The ski is generally 3-10% taller than the skier. This style, which is similar to skating, is more demanding than the classic: it requires a certain physical condition.
We also have Biathlon sessions, from novice to advanced.
The biathlon mixes two disciplines: cross-country skiing and rifle shooting (laser, lead pellet or 22 long rifle for the experts).
These disciplines are practiced on the Nordic area of ​​Lispach.

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