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Private lessons


A small piece of advice, a very special attention to your needs...

Do you need personalised advice? Get a boost of self confidence? Do you simply wish to spend time with an instructor for yourself? You can take private lessons with one instructor at ESF La Bresse - Lispach.

Whether it is original or skating, our instructors can get you started or make sure you improve your technique, by yourself or with your family or friends. We limit the group to 4 people of the same age and level. 

Meeting point at ESF Chalet Lispach.

Horaires et Tarifs
Any day
Christmas holidaysFebruary holidayshors vacances
From 21/12/2019 TO 05/01/2020FROM 08/02/2020 TO 08/03/2020FROM 06/01/2020 TO 07/02/2020 
FROM 09/03/2020
From 47€
Private lessons
From 8 years old
  • Time slots for private lessons are very limited, we recommend you book before the season 
  • Lessons from Monday to Friday for 5-day lessons and from Sunday to Friday for 6-day lessons 
  • Medal included for 5 & 6-day lessons - Test on Friday 
  • Equipment, insurance & ski pass not included
Prices during school holidays for private lessons
Any day
Christmas and February holidays1 person2 people3 people
Lesson - 1 hour60 €70 €80 €
Prices during off-peak periods for private lessons
Any day
Off-peak period1 person2 people3 people
Lesson - 1 hour47€57€67 €
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  • Tel : +33 (0)3 29 25 55 80