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training package

Booster my endurance

50% of technique, 50% of speed, 100% of training! 

The ESF La Bresse - Lispach offers a training pack to get you starting in your sport season, whether it is biking, trailing or a long nordic race! 

You will be accompanied by an instructor who are competitor at an international level, including Mathieu Martinez, former member of the French Team of 'Combiné Nordique'; and Igor Cuny, specialist in long-distance races (6th at Transju Classic 2014) and roller-skiing.

On the programme: 
  • Progression programme adapted to each person, 
  • Group coaching and personalised follow-up,
  • Briefing on equipment and advice on physical preparation.
Horaires et Tarifs
Any day
Possible period
From 16/12/2018 TO 03/02/2019
From 250€
TRAINING package
From 18 years old
  • Minimum of 3 people 
  • Five 3-hour sessions 
  • The ESF will coach you so you can start your biking, trail or nordic hike season well 
Price training package
Any day
FROM 16/12/2018 TO 03/02/2019PriCE
5 sessions x 3 hours250 €
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