Do I need to book in advance?
Ski lessons must be booked in advance, especially during the school holidays.
When can I book on the website?
Online sales open in mid-October.
Can I book online?
You can book on the website by credit card.
Can I pay with holiday vouchers?
To pay with holiday vouchers, you need to send them to us with a letter containing your full contact details, surname, first name, date of birth, course and time slots required.
Is it possible to enrol children on a day-to-day basis for group lessons?
It is not possible to take group lessons on a day-to-day basis.
Do I need a ski pass? If so, which one?
La Bresse Hohneck resort:
- For children, you need a ski pass from the Flocon.
- Adults need a ski pass for the whole area from Class 1 upwards.

Lispach resort:
- For children at Garolou, Ourson and Flocon levels, you need a Beginner ski pass (school ski lift + lake).
- 1ère and 2ème Étoile, a Junior ski pass is required.
- For adults at Beginner level, you need a Beginner ski pass (Ski school + Lake).
- Fromclasse 1, you need an Adult ski pass.

La Schlucht resort:
A ski pass is required for all.
What equipment do I need?
You need boots, skis or a snowboard, and poles from the second star upwards. Helmets are not compulsory, but are strongly recommended.
How should I dress?
You'll need winter sportswear: overalls, trousers, coat, hat, gloves or mittens.
At what age can my child start skiing or snowboarding?
You can start skiing from the age of 2 and snowboarding from the age of 8.
Which level should I choose for my child?
You can approximate your child's level on our website, using the videos in the "What's my level?" tab.
What do children do in the Kindergarten?
Children learn to put on their skis, walk, slide on the snow, ride on the treadmill, snow plough and turn, depending on their level.
Can I attend sessions?
It is preferable not to attend sessions, so that the child's learning and concentration aren't disturbed.
How many are there per group?
The Mini Piou are 4 children per instructor.
The Piou are 8 children per instructor.
Beginners, Garolou, Ourson are 10 children per instructor.
From Flocon to Competitions there are 12 children per instructor.
Adults are 12 per instructor.
In group snowboard lessons, there are 10 people per instructor.
In Nordic ski group lessons, there are 10 people per instructor.
In Biathlon group lessons, there are 6 people per instructor.
Where is the ESF office? Where is the meeting point?
The ESF Office in La Bresse Hohneck is next to the ski pass offices on the snow front.
The ESF Office in Lispach is in the ESF Chalet at the bottom of the ski resort.
Is the e-ticket received by e-mail sufficient?
When you place your order on our website, you will receive a confirmation e-mail followed by an e-ticket. The e-ticket is to be presented to the instructor during the first lesson.
Can I buy a medal?
You can buy a medal once an ESF instructor has assessed your level and stamped it on an ESF ability booklet.
What do you do if you lose your child's notebook?
  • If you have lost your child's logbook, the instructor may be able give you a new one.
  • If you have forgotten your child's logbook, the instructor will give you a sticker to put in the logbook.
Can I cancel? If so, how?
It is possible to cancel according to our general terms and conditions of sale, please refer to them.
Can we postpone our lessons?
It is not possible to postpone lessons.
How do I sign up for the torchlit descent?
During torchlit descents, an instructor gives their approval and asks you to go and buy a torch from the office.