Advice for parents

For everyone

    • Arrive early at the meeting point indicated on your lesson card or e-ticket. You must carry your card with you to all sessions, even private lessons.
    • When you place your order on our website, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an e-ticket. This e-ticket is to be presented to the instructor during the lessons. It replaces the lesson card. You can print it out or show it directly on your smartphone.
    • If you choose a package with lifts, your magnetic card should be placed in the left pocket of your jacket, which makes it easier to pass through the controls at each lift.
    • Taking part in a lesson does not rule out a certain amount of autonomy on the part of the student, nor does it mean that the student is closely dependent on the instructor to carry out the required exercise. Students must therefore take personal responsibility for their own safety.

Equipment for your child

    • Children must come to lessons equipped (skis, boots, helmet) as equipment is not provided.
    • Please note that poles are not required until the 1ère Étoile course.
    • If your child needs to go on the slopes, please provide them with a ski pass.
    • For everyone's convenience, don't forget to mark your child's ski equipment and belongings. Our partner Pepahart is offering a 15% discount on its ski pack. Go to // login: ESF-LABRESSE // promo code -15%: ESF-LABRESSE "

Other information

    • The ESF management reserves the right to modify programmes and timetables during the season.
    • Weather conditions and ski lift breakdowns are not the responsibility of the instructors.
    • Effective lesson times may be reduced for reasons beyond our control. No refunds will be made.